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I was chasing, but nothing was all I found.
happy new years eve!!!



I had a lazy day.  Coulter came and visited me ... man did I miss that boy.  I was sad when he moved to New Hampshire =[.  So we sat around and watched movies for a few hours, and went out to eat.  He'll be leaving again after New Years =[.  I got a like 1350 average on my Wii Tennis score ... and that just goes to show how much of a life I don't have. 

Ugh, change of plans:
Me, Stanley, Kate, and Tom are going to the movies on Sunday instead.   Ugh.  Just that much longer to wait!  Well according to Kate he really likes me so.  

Tess is meeting Sean in a few days =[.  I really want to meet him, but I don't have the link.  She's down to Liv's so they're going to go ice skating.  
I made an account onto Iconator.com, and I've got everyone fooled that I'm a gay guy =].  I actually made some wallpapers that are somewhat decent.  Everyone loves me! =]

-get Stanley!
-learn to make Strawberry- Rubarb pie
-get below a :29 on 50 free
-get a 95+ average {I got a 94 this quarter!}

Just started a new 1000 piece puzzle ...this should take awhile.  Eh, It'll keep me busy and off the computer.  Because I have no life and  nothing better to do but write my life down onto LiveJournal =].  And make wallpapers and pretend I'm gay.  Ah yes, that's a life.

MAGGIE, I really need to see that horse.  I miss her so much =[.  I haven't gotten up to Grandma's because of the ice.  I don't like driving up in the butt-end of town anyways, non-the-less with two feet of snow.  I haven't ridden her since Halloween, and I don't want to think about how out of shape she must be.  I probably won't get to ride her until spring now.  But I should still get up and brush her down and such.

I was on YahooAnswers ...and someone asked "Should I get drunk and go streaking?" and I'm sitting there going ...What the hell kind of a question is that?

Hahahaha.  Ok I'm out.


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ahh ...it's christmas! =]



 merry xmas eveeee!!!!, I'm pullin' an all-nighter so i can get to sleep tommarrowww.

THE GAME WAS AMAZINGGGGG =]=]=] ...Stanley rubbed my back =] and i really needed it, the cold makes it hurt like maddd.  
Okay, so my mom asked for a GPS System for xmas, so Dad went and bought her a map.    Smart ass. =]

ughhhhh I'm hungry.


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goin' to the boy's game tonight ...
...Stanley's gunna bee thurrrr =]=]

I'm really excited ...heh.

I really suck at cooking ... Kate and I attempted make rice krispy treats, and in the process we ruined a stick of butter, a bag of marshmallows, set off the smoke detector, melted a plastic bowl, and spilt it all over the floor.  

it was very successful.
anddd christmas is officially one and a half days away. =]


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survery.Collapse )

MYmood:: excited excited

he asked me to go with him and I was on the verge of fainting ...
and he told me that he likes meeeeeeeeeeeeee.
ok, ok, I'm calmed ....
...no, not really.

was good ...I was really the only one singing ...
...and I suck so ... we sounded horrible but it was pretty fun.

ughh, gotta get up at 6 tommarrow and go to breakfast at the firehall
it's already 1.

but stanley's on and I refuse to leave while I have the chance to talk to him =]

...wow, i really am obsessed aren't I?

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1. What does your username mean??
I'm madly in love with Jasper Hale, from Twilight, so instead of 'HELL YES' it's 'HALE YES'  =]

2. Fave TV show?
Hmm ... either Two and a Half Men or What I Like About You.  I'm a sucker for sitcoms =]

3. Fave song/band?
SONG: probably either Say It Ain't So - Weezer or Slow Down - The Academy Is ...
BAND: hmm, deffinetly Taking Back Sunday or The Academy Is...

4. How big is your school?
I'm from  small-town, there's 31 people in my graduating class (2009!!)
the high school has legit around 140 people in it.

5. Country or city?
deffinitly country, I live on farm and I'm scared of places with more than 3,000 people inhabiting it.
Although I went to New York once and it was pretty awesome, although I was with my grade, and it was in 5th grade :-p.

6. Fave Movies?
NARNIAAAAAAA!!!!!! is my all-time favorite
others: Brave Heart, White Chicks, A Christmas Story, The Invisible

7. McDonald's or Burger King?
hmm, neither ...I like Dunkin' Donuts =]

8. Fave joke?

interrupting completly uncalled for

9. Movies/books you've cried in?
movies: The Notebook, Bridge To Terabithia (spelling?), Saving Private Ryan, I Am Legend, and Ghost.
books: New Moon, Our Town, Old Yeller, Where The Red Fern Grows.

10. Best friends?
I have a few really good friends:
Kate, Sean, Jessie, Jarro, and Joelle.

11. Fave website?
hmmm.... I spend most of my time on Facebook, YouTube, and LiveJournal.

12. Crushes?
and Jackson Rathbone =]

13. Fave Quote from a song?
"But these grass stains on my knees they won't mean a thing" You're So Last Summer - Taking Back Sunday
"A thousand clever lines un-read on clever napkins" Cute without the 'e' - Taking Back Sunday
"the minor fall and the major lift" Hallelujah - Jeff Buckley

14. Fave Sport?

15. Pets?
4 Dogs - Nessie, Rob, Bruce, Nikki
5 horses - Maggie, Abby, Bessa, Nick, Max
1 donkey - Jack
4 Goats- Rudie, Mrs. White, Jamie, Caramella
49 Sheep - I didn't name them all but there's Ruby, Carey, and Sally.
2 Bulls - Beef and Burger =]
6 Chickens without names
2 Cats - Muggsy, Fred
1 Llama - Chauncy

16. What are you doing right now?
watching ninja warriors, video chat with Sean, typing this, and semi- wrapping presents.

There you gooooo.
got any more? leave a comment reply or send a message.


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MYmood:: curious curious

stanley asked me if i wanted to do something with him.
i almost 
but i managed a yes =]


god, i'm so excited, i feel like a little kid again.
i'm making mom put out all the presents on christmas eve just like she used too, since it's my last year home.

and the apple pie at crossroads sucks.
their baked things are so good but it was really bad.


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I'm so excited since last year there was grass ...and it sucked.

and right now, as I'm typing, we're having a semi-conversation
I'm near dying.


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MYmood:: cheerful cheerful